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  • Divecenter

  • Is there rental scuba diving equipment in divecenter?

    You can rent scuba diving equipment, but for the proper size, you need to dispose in advance,

  • How many people are there in the staff?

    1 p. the manager, 1 p. counter, 2 ps. dive guides / instructors, 1 ps. mechanics, 1 p. security, 2 p. cleaning, 2ps. cooks, 2ps. barman's.

  • What kind of sockets can be found in divecenter?

    European standard sockets: 220V/50Hz AC

  • What food and drinks are served in our restaurant?

    The restaurant offers a rich variety of food, so everyone can choose their favorite from Hungarian specialties to vegetarian or local Egyptian cuisine.Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and courteous service while you eat your chosen delicacies. The restaurant features a full panoramic view of the bay, which is impressive by day or night. The restaurant has an upstairs terrace, so large groups can be accommodated. If you are thirsty our bar stocks fresh fruit juices alongside the usual soft drinks. If you have a sweet tooth, you can choose from several desserts.

  • What language do members of the staff speak?

    Most of our staff are European and can speak English, Hungarian, Slovak, German or French.

  • Is there Internet-access in divecenter?

    We have a WiFi Internet port in Divecenter available for our customers. It isn’t a problem any more to connect with your loved ones or to confer with someone online about work or business. In locations though, where 3G connection in unavailable, we can not provide access to the Internet. In case you opt for private mobile-Internet, you can buy a subscription card at the airport, in the Vodafone store for about 100 EGP (5 EUR)

  • Is it possible to rent underwater scooters ?

    It is, but you need to let us know about such demand in advance.

  • Is there a safe to store my valuables in divecenter?

    Locker serving our customers’ need. For properties stored outside the locker, we can not take responsibility.

  • Before traveling

  • Can you help me with my flight?

    You can book our safari in our office in Hungary and our agent will help you with all the bookings and traveling arrangements. We can also book your flights. Our office can be reached at

  • Can I take part in a scuba trip, if I am not a scuba diver?

    Most certainly, yes. Anyone can take part, non-divers too. The naval experience itself is something you can enjoy in such a voyage. Those looking for company or preferring a very relaxing holiday can also have a great time aboard. And if you are bitten by the bug and take a scuba diving course, you can even return home as a certified scuba diver.

  • Are single- or group-bookings possible?

    In case you plan to book for a group or book the whole boat, it is advisable to start organizing your trip months before the actual date. Boat safaris are ideal for team-building corporate events for companies to lift the spirit of their employees. Single booking is also possible, we have dates when there are open spots and you can join smaller groups. Our website features a season schedule in spreadsheet format where you can check for open spots and available dates.

  • Should I bring my own towels?

    All hotels customers will get a big towel for drying after taking a shower and a hand towel as well. These will be changed to a clean one 2-3 times a week.

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